Service Capabilities

ATR is a renowned aviation company specializing in aircraft turbine engine repair and maintenance. Our service capabilities include:

Worldwide AOG (Aircraft On Ground)

On-Site field service support.


Equipped with a high-resolution camera to capture real-time video of the interior surfaces.

HPC VSV/VBV Adjustment & Rigging

Procedures that contribute to the optimal performance and efficiency of turbine engines.

Engine pre & post-lease

Engine pre and post-lease return inspection and evaluation.

MPA Test

Engine max power assurance through observation, witnessing, certification, and performance trend analysis.

QEC Removal - installation

Re-configuration and conversion, to enhance aircraft performance, upgrade technology, or address specific operational requirements.

Engine removal and installation

Involves careful removal of an existing engine from an aircraft and the subsequent installation of a new or repaired engine.

Engine on-wing troubleshooting

identify, diagnose, and rectify engine issues or malfunctions that may be affecting the engine's performance, reliability, or safety.

Storage and Consignment

Providing clients with secure and efficient management of their turbine assets.

...and much more

Turbine engines

Our A&P Certified Team has the capability of disassembling and repair the following turbine engines:

photo ATR engine repairs
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