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Commitment to quality & customer satisfaction

ATR is committed to providing industry-leading customer service and quality maintenance. With our customized ERP system,customers have access to real-time updates on the repair of their engine(s). They also have a direct line to 24/7 customer support and an AOG team ready to assist with any immediate repairs (in-house or on the field).

photo ATR engine repairs

Industry Expertise and Cutting-Edge Technologies

Experience holds great value

With over 50 years of engine shop experience, our team Speaks Engines. We understand that all engines and repairs are different. We also understand that not all customers are the same. We provide our customers with customized work scopes that fit their budget without risking quality.


Enhanced Performance

measures to improve efficiency

Our meticulous turbine engine overhaul and maintenance services guarantees improved performance, ensuring your engine operates at peak efficiency.


Extended Engine Lifespan

high level maintenance

Our comprehensive maintenance programs help extend your turbine engine's lifespan, saving you time and money on costly repairs or replacements.


Reduced Operational Costs

enhance the engine's performance

By optimizing engine performance and addressing potential issues early on, we help reduce operational costs associated with fuel consumption and unplanned maintenance.


Partnership and Trust

Extensive experience in their respective fields

ATR believes in building long-term partnerships with our customers, earning their trust through professional service, reliability and commitment to excellence in turbine engine overhaul and maintenance.


Expert Technicians

aviation experts

Our highly skilled technicians are certified and experienced in working with turbine engines, providing you with industry-leading expertise and knowledge.

Aviation Turbines Repair's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering

Our team of skilled technicians undergoes rigorous training and adheres to stringent quality control measures to guarantee top-notch workmanship and the highest levels of safety

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Looking for top-tier turbine repair services?

Contact us now to experience turbine repair at its finest!"

photo ATR engine repairs