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Welcome to ATR, the experts who speak the language of aircraft turbine engines, providing innovative maintenance and repair solutions to the aviation industry.

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About Aviation Turbine Repair (ATR)



2020 by Henry Mullales


increase their capabilities

In 2021 get Approve and Certified for full maintenance of CFM56-3/5/7, CF6-80, and JT8D series engines.


join the team - summer of 2022

Ryan Tanner & Kris Palacios


Ongoing growth Since August 2022

Relocating from 8,000 to 26,000 square feet.

ATR was founded in 2020 by Henry Mullales. The initial goal was to provide economical disassembly solutions to customers. In 2021, ATR decided to increase its engine maintenance and repair capabilities with the approval for complete maintenance of CFM56-3/5/7, CF6-80 and JT8D series engines.

In the summer of 2022, we announced the strategic partnership with Infinite Aviation Services and welcomed Ryan Tanner and Kris Palacios as new Managing Partners of ATR. They are highly skilled traders in the aircraft engine marketing industry and have brought an INFINITE amount of experience to our company. Their significant engine MRO experience has added tremendous value to our vision of success at ATR.

Since August 2022, ATR has experienced continuous growth, which has led us to relocate our facilities from 8,000 to 26,000 square feet, with predictions of continued success.

Company Partners

Henry Mullales


Kristoffer Palacios

Managing Partner
Executive Vice President

Ryan Tanner

Managing Partner
Executive Vice President

Our Mission & Values


At ATR, we strive to establish ourselves as a reliable engine maintenance company that stands out from the competition.

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Our aim is to gain recognition for the superior quality of our engines and the exceptional customer service that we provide.

We take pride

In being available to answer calls at all times, whether it's a good day or a challenging one.

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